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Volume Lash Extensions in NYC

A beautiful expressive look is the first thing that attracts in a girl's appearance. And only ladies understand how much time you need to spend on makeup every day in order to achieve the desired effect. Anyway all these do not exclude the risk that makeup may leak, the carcass may sprinkle and may make unattractive circles under the eyes. Fortunately, modern beauty technologies can solve this problem and make it easier for the fair sex to care for themselves. You have just once per three weeks to set aside an hour or an hour and half in your schedule for the eyelash extension procedure and You can wake up every day with ready-made makeup. It is enough to apply a light tone and a stunning image is ready. It is all girls dream, isn't it?

If you are looking for a good eyelash salon in New York to get a high-quality, natural and long-lasting result, I invite you to stay on my page. Today three years of experience allowed me to choose the best materials, to work out the technologies as much as possible to preserve the initial appearance of the eyelashes for at least 3 weeks and to optimize the procedure time. Some masters spend about 2-3 hours on extensions. Not all busy women can afford such a luxury. I offer You an amazing effect in just 1 -1.5 hours. I​n this case speed does not mean rush or quality degradation. When you have enough experience and when the skills are reduced to automatism, you can work much faster, observing all technologies and requirements. I guarantee the accuracy of each movement, the absence of discomfort and the slightest pinching. Some clients even enjoy a pleasant sleep during the procedure.

Quality extensions in New York

Each girl has her own preferences regarding eyelash extensions volume. Someone prefers the most natural effect, but for someone it is important to create a bright and glamorous image and stand out from the crowd. Such a nuance as the type of woman's appearance and facial features is equally important in this matter. Therefore, I take into account the wishes of my beloved clients and, if necessary, I advise on what type of extensions will look more organically in each individual case. My services include the following types of eyelash extensions volume:

  • Natural classic – this variant is suitable for absolutely all girls. Eyelashes look very neat, not defiant, but also they beautifully accentuate the eyes, give expressiveness to the look, create the effect of light natural makeup;

  • Medium – the best variant if You do not want to overdo with volume and you are worried that the result is not insufficiently noticeable. Such a volume looks good with natural daytime makeup, but is also quite effective for an evening makeup. Most girls choose exactly this solution;

  • Glamorous – if You are used to always be in the spotlight, to stand out among passers-by, if You like bright makeup even for every day, then easily choose the largest volume and sparkle. Even in this case, You will not get the effect of "doll eyes". The technique of Russian extensions involves the separate placement of each eyelash, which excludes artificiality.

Girls who consistently do the extensions, have already known what they need. For those who decided on the procedure for the first time, I recommend to start from the classics. Next time you can try a larger volume. After several sessions, You will understand which option is more suitable yourself. Each of the volumes can be performed for 2 or 3 weeks of wearing. I guarantee that during this period the eyelashes will retain their original appearance. Long-term result is important for me and my clients. I appreciate Your time and do everything necessary so that You can forget about the long morning makeup and about the visits to the master to renew the effect for several weeks.

The best eyelash extensions are not only the skill of a specialist and the attractiveness of the result, it is also an appropriate service. I work with business women who have very busy schedule, so I consider it my duty to remind you of the appointment for the procedure in 24 hours times and in an hour before it starts. This is convenient for me and for You, because in the cycle of daily affairs it is so easy to forget about the appointment, which was agreed several weeks ago.

The set prices are indicated on the website

The prices for different types of extensions depending on the volume are indicated on the website. An online reservation service is also available at a convenient time. You need to spend only a few seconds to choose the appropriate date and time of the procedure from free ones. The convenient location of the salon in NYC will allow office workers, business women and students to quickly reach their destination without wasting time. Find a free hour in your schedule and simplify your daily morning rituals for almost a month.