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Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Recently, the entire beauty world has been embraced by the trend of Russian volume lashes. Many New York girls dream of such lush eyelashes, some do not fully understand its meaning and difference from those Hollywood eyelashes, but the fact remains that thick, lush, voluminous eyelashes with a natural effect conquer beauties all over the world. Girls do not need to explain how the volume and length of the eyelashes change the face, give the features more expressiveness. Just imagine how lovely it is to wake up every morning with colored eyes. You only have to spend a few minutes to tone and emphasize your brows. You can forget about the dark circles under the eyes from mascara that treacherously appear at the end of the day. And makeup removal will be much faster and you won’t have to use aggressive cosmetics to try to wipe the entire mascara out of the eye.

What is so special about Russian eyelash extensions? This technique involves attaching of each artificial eyelash to a natural eyelash individually. Due to this, very lush, thick, moderately curved eyelashes are obtained, which emphasize the beauty of the eyes, make the look more languid and deep. You can choose the length according to your preferences. There are also several types of volumes, but the extensions technique itself provides an amazing effect anyway.

Russian eyelash extensions in NYC

I offer the best eyelash extensions – according to the Russian technique, but with an American service. I have over 3 years of experience and a huge experience of working in the top salons of the city. But now I want to translate all my knowledge, skills, observations into a really high-quality service for New York women who strive to look perfectly and who value their time. What do I offer in my lash studio in New York :

  • The best materials, with which it is easy to work, they do not cause allergies and wear well;

  • Careful, accurate work with care for the comfort of clients;

  • Preservation of the initial appearance of eyelashes up to 3 weeks. Visiting the salon only once per 3-4 weeks, You can always look great and wake up with makeup every morning;

  • Fast work. My clients are busy successful women who cannot always find 3-4 spare hours for one beauty procedure. My experience allows to perform any type of extensions in 120 minutes maximum;

  • Convenient online registration on the website. If telephone conversations with the master or long correspondence to find a convenient time bore You, then sign up for a session in a few seconds on the website;

  • Reminder of appointment in 24 hours times and 1 hour before the procedure. Solve your affairs and don’t keep hundreds of thoughts in your head, I’ll remind You of the appointment in time so You can get there.

Price list on the website

The cost depends on the selected volume and length of the eyelashes. All prices can be found on the website. I have competitive prices in the market, high service and quality of performance. That is why more than 90% of customers become regular guests of the salon. I invite You to evaluate all the advantages of Russian extensions in my performance. I'm waiting for calls.