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Eyelash Extension Refill in NYC

Every beautiful girl has to devote time to grooming, applying of the makeup, and styling every day. No matter how everything seemed airy, easy and natural, there is always a lot of work behind the usual everyday look. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and offers various ways to simplify this work. For example, you can make eyelash extensions. This procedure allows you to make the look more expressive, open, to fill with volume, to lengthen the eyelashes given by nature. Natural curvature, rich color, different lengths – all these techniques will help you look stunning around the clock.

Procedure cost

High-quality lash extensions are an expensive pleasure that requires prior consultation. There is a price list with a detailed list of services in our salon. The master will tell you the optimal density and length, how to direct your gaze in the best way and how to choose the best option. The price varies from salon to salon, but it is worth counting on the initial about $ 170 for a classic. Everyone has its own shape and size of the eyes, and therefore the set should be selected individually. The same bun and length look different, depending on the type of appearance.

Eyelash extensions should look naturally, only improve the natural features, emphasize the look, but not make it dollish, giving the effect of artificiality. The alternation of short and long eyelashes, a properly selected bend will create the effect of mascara-tinted eyes. You can forget about makeup with combing, curling and tinting for several weeks. You get your dream lashes in just an hour and a half. A procedure with a beginner master, without experience and a minimum of preparation, may take longer than an hour and a half. I am professional specializing in eyelash extensions and eyelash extension refill for over 3 years, so I will get the job done as quickly as possible.

How to find a good studio in New York?

Every few weeks, a correction is needed for the eyelash extension refill with new ones. It is important to do the procedure on time, because the eyelashes fall out after going through the full growth cycle and with extended ones it is more noticeable. It is worth emphasizing that ophthalmologists confirmed the safety of the procedure for eyesight long time ago, and the extensions do not harm for the growth of the eyelashes.

The master must be so good that You can calmly trust yourself even for several hours. During the entire procedure, You need to lie with your eyelids closed, in a relaxed state. At Russian volume / American Service we managed to create comfortable conditions for our clients. Most of them even fall asleep for the duration of the service. Despite this relaxation, at the pace of life in NYC it is important that the specialist works quickly, has enough experience, possess the equipment and is able to advise on all issues of care.

If you need a reliable eyelash extensions studio in Brooklyn, I will gladly provide my services. I try to skillfully combine skill and care in my work. Each individual lash receives a lot of attention to create the perfect look. I guarantee an individual approach and friendliness of one of the best American salons.