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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions in NYC

Eyelash extensions – modern procedure that allows girls to always maintain a flawless look and spend a minimum amount of time on makeup. Agree that the foundation of any makeup is an expressive languid look. Even a perfectly executed tone will look incomplete if the eyes are not emphasized. Therefore, we, women have to spend time every morning creating an attractive image. And it does not have to be a bright defiant makeup. Sometimes it takes even more time and effort to create a natural effect.

But modern beauty technologies are trying to make life easier for girls. For example, the best eyelash extensions in my studio will allow You to wake up every morning with a ready-made basic makeup. It remains only to apply the tone and You can conquer the world. And You can also forget about the regular purchase of mascara, it’s shedding by the end of the day, dark circles under the eyes in the morning, if you have not washed off the makeup thoroughly enough.

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The first thing you need to decide when setting the appointment for extensions is the volume of eyelashes. Many girls face difficulties in this matter. After all, it happens that the classic extensions seem too simple and inconspicuous, and the average or glamorous – too defiant. Remember that you can always find a way out. In this case, you can apply a hybrid eyelash extensions, that is, combine volume and length indicators from different types to obtain a result for Your needs. We will choose something average so that the extended eyelashes look naturally and aesthetically pleasing for Your appearance. The shape and size of the eyes, facial features also play an important role in choosing the type of extensions. For one girl, the glamorous volume will be pretentious, and for another, it will suitably to emphasize features and natural beauty. Everything is individual, so I practice the performance of hybrid eyelash extensions. Thus, you can take into account the preferences of each client and create the perfect result for each.

There is a pleasant atmosphere in my lash studio, in which you can immerse yourself with pleasure for a while. Everything is done carefully and without the slightest discomfort for the client. You will be able to plunge into the beautiful world of beauty and even take a break from the fast pace of New York life.

Set prices – competitive in the city

I work at loyal NYC rates, and Your investments will be fully justified by the result. Quality materials and workmanship guarantee the durability of the wearing. The lashes remain intact for up to 3 weeks. This is the optimal time and even the busiest women should have no difficulty to find time for the procedure once per 3-4 weeks. I remind you of the appointment in advance, advise on all points of interest, work with the requests of each client individually. It's so easy to make your life a little easier. After the first extensions, You will appreciate how convenient it is to wake up beautiful every morning and to throw carcasses out of a cosmetic bag. I am waiting for calls.