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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Is it important for You to look perfectly every day, but at the same time naturally and not too defiantly? Then You probably know how difficult it can be to achieve this naturalness. Applying tone, highlighting eyebrows, eye and lip shaping – all these manipulations take a lot of time every morning. And most importantly, after a few hours, carcasses can treacherously flow, ruining all Your efforts. It is especially difficult to maintain long-lasting makeup during hot summer months. Then there is out of the question about naturalness. We suggest You simplify your life in at least one of these points. Just imagine how much more wonderful Your morning getting to work will be if you wake up with already painted eyelashes. Choose classic eyelash extensions and look flawlessly but naturally every day. Fairly lush, thick and elongated eyelashes will give the eyes expressiveness and become the basis of makeup. They will not have the effect of doll eyes, and they will not create an overly glamorous look. This is a great solution for everyday looks. And for brighter evening outings, it is enough to highlight your eyes a little with eyeliner and eye shadow, and eyelashes will be gorgeous with this background. I invite You to my eyelash salon in New York and I assure you that once you try, You can no longer refuse such a convenience. This is the perfect solution for active, busy women who care about their looks and time.

Extensions in the best studio of the city

Advantages of the classic eyelash extensions:

  • The highest speed of the procedure. For me it takes about from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes;

  • The lightness of the eyelashes themselves and the absence of the slightest discomfort even after the first extensions;

  • Natural and neat look. Eyelashes are not much different from natural ones, it seems as if they are thick and lush natural eyelashes;

  • Less stress on your eyelashes;

  • Duration of wearing. With such a natural effect, even when one eyelash falls out, it is hardly noticeable.

Are You ready to try? If you do the procedure for the first time, then I recommend starting from the classic version. In such a way You can more easily get used to the new look, and then, if you want, you can try a larger volume.

I offer the best eyelash extensions in terms of material quality, performance, speed and service. During three years of experience in the top salons of New York, I was able to isolate for myself really good materials that are excellent in use and do not cause allergic reactions. The salon has a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, everything is on schedule, there are no delays or failures. I’ll remind about the appointment in 24 hours times and 1 hour before the procedure so that You will not forget about it. You can choose a convenient date and time for visiting the salon on the website.

The price list is presented on the site

The cost of each type of extensions is noted down on the website. It is worth noting that the set rates are competitive in New York. I do not overcharge, but I do my job with high quality so that Your investments are justified. This is a good investment in your beauty and a way to save time in the morning. Having spent only 1 hour on the procedure once per 3-4 weeks, You can significantly simplify your life and always remain confident in an excellent appearance. I will be glad to answer Your questions, tell in more detail about the types and techniques of extensions, book an appointment at a time convenient for you. I am waiting for calls.