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Eyebrow Tinting Services

Beautiful eyebrows sometimes can completely replace all makeup. Therefore, today, makeup artists all over the world unanimously convince women to pay special attention to them. Eyebrows are a kind of framework that sets the geometry of the face oval and is responsible for the expressiveness of the entire appearance. But at the same time, not every young lady is ready to boast of a beautiful shape and rich color by nature. Even the most beautiful female face loses its charm if the eyebrows are not properly shaped. Various cosmetic procedures are designed to correct such a disadvantage.

The use of a pencil, dyeing gel or special eyebrow shadows – all those are decorative cosmetics that imply a short-term effect and which will have to be updated daily. A correctly selected shape and a rich brow tint will add expressiveness to the look and reduce the time for makeup at times. A popular service today is microblading, as well as the use of various dyeing techniques with the use of permanent paints or other complexes with high-quality pigments. This is how it will be possible to emphasize the eyes without tinting with a pencil or gel, without combing and adjusting every morning.

How to choose a service for eyebrows in the studio?

Of course, there are fashion trends and generally accepted concepts when working as a brow stylist in New York. Among the fundamental global requirements – the head should be slightly shaded (at the beginning), and the tail must be colored more expressively. As for fashion, it does not change as often as in other directions, but nevertheless, first, you should pay attention to the harmony of the overall appearance. For example, if earlier everyone wanted to walk with thin eyebrow strings, then the last few years the most natural density and bend are welcomed.

Experienced masters in the salon have a certain set of knowledge and practice in working with specific techniques. They will easily tell you, which shape is ideal for a particular client in terms of type, face shape. First, the specialist applies a contour with a special marker, which can be corrected if necessary. Next, an important stage is the choice of color. Eyebrow coloristics also have a specific set of rules. Brunettes look harmonious with a chocolate shade, and if the hair of cold tones, a gray and slightly darker pigment is suitable for those. Blondes are best with lighter eyebrows or just slightly darker than the main hair color. The color “golden chestnut”, terracotta or a muted shade of native hair will suit for red-haired beauties, and pigments of ash and gray tones will suit for brown-haired. The shape of the eyebrows is also selected for each client individually – straight, rounded, curved or with a break.

Eyebrow tinting in a specialized studio with permanent dye means matching the tone with a professional. Thus, You get the most optimal shade for your face and skin color type and you can enjoy the result for at least two weeks. The dyeing service involves toning the hairs and skin between them to create the effect of expressive eyebrows, as if after shadows or tattooing. The shade is kept less on the skin, but more firmly on the hairs – up to a month and a half.

In our eyelash salon in Brooklyn, we are ready to offer you tattoo and eyebrow dyeing technologies that involve the use of special tools. We offer obtaining the effect as close to natural as possible. Our methods are relevant not only to color the eyebrows, but also when the hair is not thick enough or is absent in a separate area, for example, with a scar, etc. Tattooing techniques have a lasting effect for more than a year, sometimes up to 2 years, and the color persists without changing the shade, only fades with time.

The cost of the procedure in our studio

However, You have decided for the first time to make yourself beautiful eyebrows, haven’t You? Take time to choose a master, because the final result depends on his or her practice and knowledge.

When choosing a technician at NYC, it is important to pay attention not only to work experience, but also to the use of reliable quality materials. The availability of professional tools and pigments is equally important. The paint should have the gentlest composition, without harmful impurities such as ammonia, lead and other components. Most American pigments are represented by a fairly wide color palette and do not need additional preparation with solvents. You can start working right away, what saves time well.

There are many techniques that brow service masters use. For example, shaded eyebrows without clear boundaries look organically and naturally. Also, shading can be more intense and dense. With the wax technique, individual hairs are neatly drawn. Often a specialist can use different colors in his work to get a better result. There are also variants of combining of these techniques, a combination of different shades for the so-called 3d effect. In any case, when contacting our studio in Brooklyn, You will receive the most natural and beautiful result at a good price.