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Brow services
Brow Tint

30 min

Price: $25

Adds color to your natural brows

Brow Shape and Tint

40 min

Price: $50

Gives you a perfect shape and adds color to your natural brows.

Brow Lamination

1 hr

Price: $100

Brow Lamination or Brow Sculpt makes the brows look fuller and more defined. It works best if you have full but unruly brows.


Includes a free touch up in 4-6 weeks

Brow Services in NYC

The correct shaping of the eyebrows and the selection of the most suitable shade are important details in creating a complete image. Perfect shape and color that do not require correction are so rare that it is almost unrealistic. Usually, you have to constantly work on at least one of these parameters. Therefore, brow services are so in demand in the beauty industry.

Hair undergoes a full growth cycle in 2-3 weeks, which means that approximately once during this time it is necessary to remove excess hairs. For women with light eyebrows, the tone should be updated with the same frequency if we are talking about dyeing. The main task is not simply to mechanically carry out the procedure in compliance with the technique. It is important to do the work in such a way that, while preserving the naturalness, to make the client's appearance more perfect – more harmonious and expressive.

How to choose the studio?

Of course, you should always trust such cardinal questions to specialists in this area. A high-quality result should not be conspicuous, but at the same time it must look organic on Your face. And how to make sure that the brow stylist you like is really a professional? Let's see what you can focus on to assess the work of the master.

Many girls still boldly trust their face to non-core specialists who do not have the appropriate training. Just the ability to use tweezers is definitely not enough here. It should be understood that eyebrow shaping is not only about plucking and dyeing. Beauty is best done in eyebrow salons, where the masters have the appropriate certificates and practice. A good result is determined not by the ability to remove hairs, but by the selection of the optimal shape, taking into account the many individual characteristics of the client, the type of appearance, facial features.

We have an affordable price list

The brow stylists work in the best NYC specialized studios. They work exclusively in this area – work on architecture, painting, correction. To become a professional in your field you need at least a year of practice. If the master you have chosen has just finished the courses, it is up to You to decide whether you are ready to be a model for working out his or her skills and paying for this service.

Brow-masters in our studio know the anatomical features of the structure of the face, and also take into account the texture of hair and the features of their growth. They will be able to shape eyebrows so that they are in harmony with other facial features and look advantageous. The same goes for the choice of color and dyeing technology, where individual factors determine the choice of the right solution.

We have a clear and detailed price list, which contains all the rates and the time that will need to be allocated for a specific procedure on the website. For example, the brow tint service costs only $ 30 and it takes only half an hour, and the lamination procedure or Brow Sculp will cost $ 100 and take at least an hour. The latter is relevant for naughty thick eyebrows, because the technique will make them more obedient and expressive. Or a complex form + color is available for $ 50. Choose your optimal solution. And our brow-stylist at lash studio will definitely tell you about the necessary care after the procedure, the secrets of color and shape preservation, and he or she will recommend the products. The professional care is provided for You with us, and there is also an opportunity to immediately book a place for your next visit in a month or a month and a half. Such an integrated approach guarantees a quality service. You won’t have to worry about the appearance of your eyebrows for several weeks.