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Russian volume/ American service
Russian volume/ American service
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Russian Volume/American Service

Russian volume nyc brings the eyelash extensions revolution that began in Moscow to the United States.

Russian volume brings the artistry and care of the Russian technique, where every single lash is carefully placed to create the perfect look, and combines it with the personal care and friendliness of the best American salons.

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Lash Extensions Salon in New York

Your eyes are one of the most powerful tools for communicating with people. And we are talking not only about romantic relationships, but also about friendships and working relations. You can enhance the expressiveness of your gaze with eyelash extensions. If you have ever done this, you probably know how it can change your visage and make the image more expressive and attractive. If you have no experience with eyelash extensions, then it's time to gain it. The professional with many years of experience in the best salons in New York City is at your service.

Why the eyelash extension should be done only by a professional stylist?

The eyelash extensions are not an ordinary cosmetic procedure. With this tool you can visually enlarge the eyes, give the look a mystery and power of influence. But this is impossible without understanding the basic principles of face geometry. Only maintaining the correct proportions will help achieve the best result. There is no single cost for the eyelash extensions in our studio, because a lot will depend on your preferences. We can only slightly emphasize the lines of eyelash growth and create the most natural effect. But if you want, we can turn you into a real princess with a playful look from under long curled eyelashes Of course, the last word is yours. But I never offer the effect of a curled doll for a business woman, as well as dramatic Hollywood eyelashes for young girls. Your eyelashes should only emphasize your strengths rather than fully attract all the attention. Therefore, an experienced master is always interested in your lifestyle, cosmetic preferences and even clothes. This is the only way to create a harmonious image. Another reason to resist the temptation of low pricing and turn to an experienced specialist is the quality of the materials. In general, ophthalmologists recognize the procedure of extensions safe because synthetic eyelashes are glued to natural eyelashes at a certain distance from the eyelid line. This means that synthetic materials are practically out of contact with the eyelid. This is why eyelash extensions are considered a safe procedure even for sensitive eyes. But this is only on condition that the master does not save on materials and buys high-quality glue. In addition, do not forget that eyelash extensions are a very painstaking work. Depending on the technology, one, two, three, four or even five synthetic eyelashes are glued to each eyelash of the client. Almost jewelry accuracy is needed here. Patience, convenient tools, wide experience and safe material - these are the basic conditions for high-quality work. Only a master who can fulfill all the above conditions can be considered a professional in his field. And only such a master can be safely engaged in the work with your eyes.

5 reasons to come to our salon in NYC

  1. We appreciate your health.
We do not save on our customers. Despite the huge experience in eyelash extensions, we continue to study and become interested in new products. Our clients can be sure that the master works with certified materials that have been repeatedly tested. Your eyes are in safety. We work neatly and professionally.
  1. We appreciate your time.
If you have to spend half working day on eyelash extensions, this is in any case a bad result. Our clients are active people who, in addition to visiting beauty salons, have many worries and plans. Therefore, we work quickly and never delay you in vain. We are always ready to adapt to your schedule and, if possible, find a free hour for our meeting. At the crazy pace of NY, it’s especially important to find a personal master who will try to solve your problem and not create new ones, isn’t it?
  1. We appreciate your natural beauty.
For several years of my practice, I have already extended eyelashes for more than a thousand women. This experience allows me to pinpoint which extension method is best for you. Someone is more likely to come across a classic technique that looks natural. Someone needs eye shape correction to visually make their eyes wider. Sometimes it's better to focus on the outer corner and create the effect of a cat's eye. I know more than a dozen different techniques for different types of appearance. I always take into account the personality and character of my clients to emphasize the natural beauty of their faces. Beautiful eyelashes look like brush strokes. The main image is you and your personality. And I promise that after we make the right emphasis with the help of charming eyelashes, this image will not leave anyone indifferent.
  1. We appreciate your attention to price services.
We do not strive for low rates, but for high quality. And this is exactly the approach that ultimately allows our customers to save. You do not need to remake eyelashes in a week. Our eyelashes look perfect for at least 2 weeks after extensions. In some cases, you can wear them for up to a month.
  1. We appreciate a high level of service.
We offer Russian volume, but American service. Punctuality and decency are the master’s inherent qualities. You can completely relax and enjoy the new stylish design, a pleasant atmosphere and attention from the staff in our studio. Eyelash extensions will not change your life, but will make it much easier. You may finally be able to spend an extra hour in bed in the morning, because makeup will take you much less time. You will not worry about the dark circles under the eyes of the mascara in the pool, gym or on the beach. At work and study, on a date and at a meeting with friends, in the morning and in the evening - you will always look great! You can reserve time for visiting directly on the studio website. Contact us if you have any questions, and we will tell you everything in detail.